Q. Who is eligible to participate in the NADA Dealership Workforce Study (DWS)?
A. ONLY NADA and ATD member dealers in the United States may participate in the DWS.

Q. How much does it cost to participate in the DWS?
A. Nothing. Participation is free.

Q. Do I have to enroll each year?
A. Yes. You must enroll each year to participate in that year.

Q. What if I do not have the Dealership or Dealership Group NADA Member ID number needed to enroll in the study?
A. Call NADA Customer Service 800.557.6232 or email and ask for the NADA Member ID.

Q. Why should I participate in the DWS?
A. You should participate in order to:

  • Learn how your dealership compares to other dealerships in terms of compensation, benefits, retention, turnover, and other factors—and fine‐tune your pay plans and benefits packages to enhance your recruitment, motivation, and retention efforts.
  • Make the results as complete, detailed, and statistically valid as possible—the more participants, the more authoritative the study can be.
  • Provide information that NADA can use to determine the HR issues facing dealers and to develop the educational solutions needed to address those issues.

Q. It seems like a lot of work, going through all my payroll records. How much time should it take to enter all my information?
A. You do not have to go through your payroll records at all. Simply download your payroll data from your DMS, save in the Excel template we provide on the DWS website (, and upload using our secure web server. Follow the step‐by‐step instructions on the DWS website. The online questionnaire should take you about 20 minutes to complete; we recommend printing out the questionnaire as a guide for the information you need to supply. You may even want to fill out the questionnaire by hand and then duplicate your answers online.

Q. What do I get at no cost, just for participating in the DWS?
A. You receive a “Custom Comparison Report” comparing your individual dealership data against aggregated data from a peer group for participating dealerships. You also receive a complimentary copy of the 2023 National & Regional Trends in Compensation Benefits & Retention Report. Lastly, you also receive exclusive one-year access to the NADA Database & Search Tool; online database that allows you to custom search and filter compensation and retention data from 2022 to 2016 calendar year data.

Q. Can non-participating dealers access the data provided in the custom Reports?
A. No. Non-participants may purchase the “Trends Report” only.

Q. What about the security of my data?
A. We provide a secure upload to a secure site and we pledge strict confidentiality and privacy. Your individualized report is for your eyes only, and no information you provide is personally identifiable to others. The information you provide—both in the questionnaire and through the payroll upload from your DMS—will be included in national, regional, and state/metro reports in aggregate form only.

Q. What if I want a 20 Group Comparison Report so that my 20 Group can use our DWS data as a discussion/comparison tool in meetings?
A. A 20 Group Comparison Report requires participation of 8 or more of your 20 Group. With participation at that level, we can report the DWS results of participating members of your 20 Group in a comparison report that will be available upon request from your NADA 20 Group Consultant.

Questions? Email or call 800.557.6232

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